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As we are a wholesale supplier, we know that you, our customer, like to add your own logo to our products.

By popular demand- we now offer a professional labelling service.


To purchase labels, you will be required to purchase a 'Branding Set-up Fee' for £5.95 ( please email us: to arrange)

 This is a ONE OFF* charge and allows us to use your business logo, and spend time altering it to fit the label sizes.  

Then select what label size you require, and the quantity of.

We will contact you if it is your first time purchasing from us to discuss your logo. 

If you have purchased our 'Branding Set-up fee' before, there is no need for you to purchase it again.


Important information:


We recommend using black and white logos, or logos with minimal colour for best results.

We print these labels onto clear adhesive sticker paper to give the most professional finish. 

The labels are NOT waterproof, they can NOT come into contact with moisture, an overly warm or overly cold atmosphere as they may damage. Do not get any wax product on the labels as it may smudge the ink. Always handle labels with clean, dry hands without creams on, and with care.


Labels can be easily cut using a sharp guillotine or sharp pair of scissors.





*One off charge per logo. if you decide to change your logo, we will charge to set up your new logo as it will be classed as a new set-up.


  • Extra Small- For small individual products.

    Ie: Candy Cane, Gingerbread Man, Snowman, Single Heart, Single Letters, pair of baby feet.

    Small- For 2 of the above items in one bag, 3 piece snap bars, bags of bows

    Medium- For Pack of 4 hearts, Pretty Little Hearts, Squeezy Wax 

    Large-5 cell snap bar, 5 cell Mrs H snap bar, the Girls, Princess Castle

    Extra Large- XXL Bar, Gift set

    Candle Label (Includes the scent name)

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